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Chat and dating

The first mobile application exclusively for chatting is finally here. Enter the exciting world of chat with this unique implementation of a blind Chat & Dating app designed for people interested in having a private conversation in a secure and safe environment.

Forget everything you knew so far about online chats and start talks with a more traditional way: Talk to people who you don’t know of the same or different sex. The process is simple: Specify your gender, and the gender you are interested in chatting with. Then you wait in line until its your turn to talk and the next available chat partner is free.

You can also create a profile and specify your interests ( the usernames must be in English characters ). Spend some coins and buy your way to the top of the waiting list. Earn extra coins by inviting your friends to chat, by positively rating the app, and by logging in frequently and chatting everyday.
No credit cards are required to purchase of coins since this is done using sms. There are no subscription fees for this chat service and it is aimed purely at adults with respect for its users. For more information please see the application’s Help menu .

Your purchases, your conversation and all your personal data is completely secure and anonymous.

Chat and dating is currently only in the Greek language targeted for Greek users.
chat & γνωριμίες